Avoid these sites

As I go around and experiment with web sites and programs I will also provide you a list of web sites to avoid. They will fall into a few categories.

Be Wary

MiNeeds.com - a site that supposedly matches contractors and customers. However they charge a fortune just to have a peek at what they can do for you. Noone I have spoken to, has experience with them and everyone I have spoken to is very leery of them. They have a lot of bad reviews out there and if they wont at least provide a free trial sneek peek, then I don't think they are worth it.

No or Automatic Responses


Officelions - I tried to check them out and I am not certain about them. Their DOB application only goes to 1978, they ask if I have kids, am married or pregnant...which they have no rights to ask, and before they even ask for a primary email they are asking for a secondary one. They ask for social media profiles in an email format, which none of them have. I emailed them questions and never heard back.