Monday, January 7, 2013

Make Money -

I have been a member of for several years now. They do micro loans which are perfect for people that need an edge. They do personal and business loans for everything from debt consolidation to helping a company buy a sign. People borrow thousands of dollars but all you need to invest is $25. Once the loan is finalized you will then receive monthly repayments with interest over the term of the loan.

You get to choose who you want to lend it to. You can keep investing $25 at a time (or more) or you can wait for it to pay off and then reinvest it and the interest. I make more interest doing this than I am on CDs or a savings account and you are helping someone else get out of debt.

I started out in this before the economy collapsed so I have had a few default loans due to bankruptcy, but because I was only investing $25 at a time I didn't lose that much, some of them were mostly paid off. I am averaging about 10% interest on my investment. Personally I feel it is safer than the stock market.

Over the course of years I have deposited less than $1000, but I have turned it around to reinvest and I have invested over $2000.

This is also a great place to go if you need a small loan to pay off credit cards, buy a car, remodel etc... It's a lot less hassle then fighting with a bank.

Click on the loan banner (above) or the investment banner (below) to learn more and sign up.

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