Monday, May 13, 2013

Paid to Blog - Don't do these sites

Well it has been over a week and I am pretty sure that those websites on getting paid to blog are scams.

I got their automated responses on signing up, but no further emails after that and I have checked my spam folders. The only one that actually responded to me was which rejected me stating that my blog was not in English and I wasn't in a country that spoke English as a primary language.
Thank you for your interest in submitting your blog to Blog Distributor. Unfortunately, we can only accept blogs that are from bloggers that live in countries where English is the primary language. The reason that we do this is that we have found that there are subtleties in English, that are important to our clients, that are not noticeable to bloggers that are from countries where English is not the primary language. Therefore, we cannot accept any of your blogs. Thank you for your time. 
I guess this means that Spanish is now the official language of the USA?

I guess these will be the first three listed on my 'avoid them' page.

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