Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Money: Zerys.com

As I said in an earlier blog post you can make some money by writing, the problem is knowing where to start.

If you want to write and make some money fairly quickly then I suggest you head over to zerys.com. You make a fortune, but, if you can write, then you can pull in some money. Don't expect to start writing instantly. You need to fill out their application and submit a writing sample.

An editor at zerys will review your sample and give you a rating. This rating gives you your initial standing at zerys. Once you've been approved you log in, fill out your profile and start looking at jobs available on the board.

If your initial rating is low then you will probably start out with articles that only pay .7 to 1.4 cents per word, but it's a start, and once you up your rating you can choose higher paying jobs. Your rating increases with your quality and is judged by the clients.

This is a good place to get a feel for what people want written and a great place to return to when your budget is running a little short at the end of the month.

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