Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nelves by Joni

My last several posts have been on saving and making money, something we all need to do, so I thought it was time that I flipped back over to the re-purposing/recycling part of my blog.

I want to introduce you to Nelves, The Nature Loving Elves by my friend Joni. She started making these a short while ago as a way to try and get an income and they have taken off.
Nelves Nature Loving Elves! Nelves help Mother Nature look her best! Hand made and no two are exactly the same.
Nelves are fun
They laugh, they play
They take care of nature in a really great way!
They talk to the trees, the bears and the bees.
They make flowers grow and help rivers flow
They take care of the fish and the birds
The ocean and the forest
The mountains and deserts
The parks and fields
They live in the tree in the middle of a field
In the coral in the ocean
In the park and the city
They can’t be seen but they are there
Helping nature happily
Don’t think they are rude
They don’t mean to intrude
But they can’t help but stop in your garden
To give an encouraging word to the things that you grow
Just wanted you to know
They are here now to ask for your help
You can help in so many ways
Little things really, but they pile up in a hurry.
Pick up the garbage, the can and the wrapper.
Throw out that garbage! Recycle that box!
Reduce, reuse and recycle all that you can!
One last thing they ask and it’s not hard at all
Plant a seed, plant a garden of veggies or flowers
Plant a tree for the future
Help them grow
The Nelves say thank you!

To get your very own Nelve contact Joni
Phone (920) 252-9072

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