Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Money -

 I just signed up on on March 10th, but I already made $10. I cashed in 1000 points on 4/8/13 and my order is currently pending for a $10 home depot e-gift card. The only big problem with this site is that most of the cash outs are e-cards.

I plan to use mine for some gardening supplies, I know what I want, so I will just order it online when I get the card and pick it up at the local home depot, so no shipping. Ordering my stuff online from them also means that I don't need to hunt it up myself, they will do it.

I suppose that I could save up for one of the big dollar items, but I haven't really seen any big items I need, my husband would love the TV, but we don't need it. The gardening supplies, I need.

I promise to give an update as soon as I actually receive the information and spend the money, as they claim it takes up to 14 days to receive.

This is added to my list of definites. You can make money here, with very little effort.and I'm going to keep using them. You can either work off of their website or use a simple toolbar (Which I chose to do) The toolbar is easy to remove.

You earn earn by watching videos, weburfing and randomly finding codes or playing games. So far it's looking good, I will try to post an update in a month or so. In the meantime, click one of the links to sign up.

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