Friday, February 22, 2013

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Mturk, or AmazonMechanical Turk, is a piecework site associated with People post random things that they need done and they offer payment. Some of the jobs listed up there are ridiculous as they are offering you a few pennies for an hour of work. However there are decent paying jobs on there.

There are frequently surveys or tests put up by colleges or students for various studies, some of them are social studies some are psych studies. Most are pretty interesting and pay you $1 to $5, some offer bonuses. There are others that might start low, but if you read they are looking for people they can pick up more permanently and once they like your work they will offer you more money.

Sometimes the tasks are even simpler than that, someone may offer some money for coke rewards, or pampers points. The key is that you have to read the descriptions and if you don't feel it is worth the money, then don't take it. Each job you return drops your rating.

Screen Shot of Available work

Payment is deposited in your Amazon account, which you can spend on Amazon, or withdraw to your bank when you have at least $1.

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