Friday, February 15, 2013

Money Saving Tip #5

Knowledge is Power

Get to know your favorite stores. Learn which days and at what times they typically do markdowns. It is also importatnt to know where those markdowns are located so you can save the most money.

Some of the standard markdowns for most retail outlets are damaged merchandise and returns of online purchases.

Online merchandise is frequently not available in the store so they don't have a place to put it and it's usually a one off item. They want to get rid of it to make room for something else so these items are frequently marked down to 50%.

Damaged merchandise can be as simple as a missing button. Damaged merchandise also included damaged packaging; there may be nothing wrong with the item itself, but the noone wants to pay full price to a badly beaten box or dented can.

Grocery Stores are my favorite to get discounts. Many will put out produce that is just barely over the ripe stage or packaged foods that are quickly approaching their expiration dates. I frequently get great deals on meat and vegetables. 

Discount meat is not bad! They can't legally sell you bad food. Frequently it's discolored because it was exposed to air, it was frozen and got defrosted, or it's right on the cusp of its best before date.  If you freeze it when you get home, it's still good. (well except possibly the defrosted stuff). If you have any doubts about the quality then use it in a stew. A crock pot is a fantastic way to use up questionable meats.

As for the vegetables; Check out my latest haul for under $4.

1 bag of 7 Green Peppers
1 bag of 7 Yellow Peppers
2 - 6 oz bags of Organic Snow Peas
2 - 5 oz bags of Organic Green Onions
1 bag of 7 Cling Peaches

Some of the peppers will be used for dinner tonight and I plan to slice and freeze about half of them, the rest will be used up within the week. The snow peas are for tomorrows dinner and the green onions will be used randomly in my cooking. I plan to slice and freeze the peaches for future use, if they survive tonight after my son gets home.

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