Friday, March 22, 2013

Make Money - update #2 is a legitimate site.

On March 4th I did an update post on, at that point the screenshot showed me with a balance of $25.67. Well today I broke the $30 barrier, I did make one purchase that gave me $5, and I had downloaded two programs that I never loaded.

I am now in their 'Gold' level of earning which means that I should be earning more money from them from here on out.  Here is my screenshot for today, apparently they want to charge you $3 for processing. I'm fine with that because I don't have the money yet anyhow.

However, when I went to cash out, I got this message. If I can make it to $50 in the next 30 days then they will waive the $3 fee...sounds like a pretty good deal, however I noticed the catch. You don't become a gold member UNTIL you cash out your first cheque. Which means that over the next 30 days I don't get the extra bonus moneys that you earn form being a gold member.

I figure that it has taken me over a year to make this much, there is no way I will make $9 more dollars in the next 30 days so I am going to cash out and request a cheque. When the cheque shows up I will do another update for all of you

I'm certain that if someone actually put effort into it then they would already have entered the gold level.
If you click on one of these banners you get a $5 head start.

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