Friday, March 15, 2013

Money Saving Tip #7

Homemade wood polish

I have a lot of wood in my house. Years ago when we bought our house we did not have a child and at that point we decided that we would slowly buy good furniture we liked, rather than going out to fill the house with cheap crap.

So we have a lot of wood in our house, our living room, bedroom, dining room, breakfast nook and library all have a lot of wood. We even redid one of the hallways with wood trim. Then we had a child. It makes me grateful that I like distressed wood, because since the child came along the wood has gotten even more distressed.

I don't like chemicals, so even before the child came along I was using this and it does a beautiful job protecting and cleaning the wood. It also does a wonderful job eliminating water and heat marks.

Furniture Polish

1 Cup white vinegar
1/4 Cup oil (I like olive, but almost any of them will work, some like to use almond oil)
Put it in a spray bottle with a fine mist and shake well before using.

The vinegar acts as the cleaner and will help remove anything while the oil will moisturize and protect. Just clean with a soft cloth and let it dry.
If you have water marks on the wood, then let the oil/vinegar mix sit on the mark for a while and you should be able to rub it out, if it doesn't leave then I have found that mayonnaise works,there is also a hot iron method for tougher stains.

If you don't like the smell of vinegar then you can also use a cup of the citrus cleaning solution instead of straight vinegar

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